10 Reasons Animation & Motion Graphics Will Breathe Life into Your Marketing

POSTED BY Jake Vardaman - 05.12.15 -

Bart-ButterfingerAnimation is one of the most effective and versatile forms of communication when done right. Decades before the computer helped create photorealistic virtual worlds and believable human characters, more traditional animators were breathing life and movement into inanimate objects to propel company brands in unique and engaging ways. Even before animation was used in feature films, it was being used as a vehicle for advertising. 

As animation technology advanced so did its use in commercials. Some of the most iconic characters in advertising history have come from the limitless flexibility of animation. Tony the Tiger, the gecko from Geico, polar bears who love Coca Cola, all ageless and full of life as no other storytelling medium can deliver.

From engaging 3D characters to memorable flying logos, here are my 10 reasons animation and motion design is so popular to marketers:

  1. Cost-effective – While it is time intensive, sometimes 4icons-animation-bloganimation can save money when used in place of difficult location shooting or expensive cast, crew and equipment. 
  2. Limitless – Anything is possible, go anywhere. There are no physical boundaries like there are in live action. Transform new ideas into reality before a product has even gone into production. 
  3. Ageless – Your spokesmodels never truly get older and remain timeless. 
  4. Engaging – Make a big impact that gets your audience’s attention. It’s just more fun. It’s also easier for clients like banks, insurance and real estate to come across as friendlier and warm. 
  5. Quick visual communication – Take complex ideas or processes and make them easily digestible in a fun and graphic way. Boring stats become interesting with motion. 
  6. Memorable – Messaging and higher recall for your target audience. 
  7. Brings life to objects and ideas, creating an emotional connection. 
  8. Does your speaking for you – Motion graphics aren’t camera shy! Your CEO may not want to be in front of a camera so let animation do the talking. 
  9. Enhances style – Motion graphics can refresh the look of any product, add modern high tech elements and dynamically improve upon a tired image. 
  10. Boosts sharing – Unique and entertaining messaging promotes greater sharing of the relevant content that search engines value so much. The increased time spent watching engaging content can also increase search engine rankings and improve your site analytics.


Of course, all effective animation starts with a good idea and a compelling story to tell. The best moving design is useless without a good product or service behind it. It’s important for your creative team to understand your brand and its target audience. The story you tell should inspire the actions you desire them to take.

In the comments, I’d love to hear what your favorite animated advertisement of all time is and why it resonates with you. I’m partial to Bart Simpson telling everyone “Nobody better lay a finger on my Butterfinger!” It’s just so much fun and I’m a fan of both brands.

Finally, check out this animated video we created for Mount Mercy University to help them easily explain a complex subject, the virtues of donating to the MMU Fund.

And if you’re curious, peek behind the curtain and see how we did it

Hit me up and we can breathe some life into your brand with the help of animation and motion graphics.

Animation by Jake Vardaman


Jake Vardaman

Jake Vardaman

Jake is an Art Director specializing in Animation and Motion Graphics at Fusionfarm. Having an obsession for branding and logo design, it's his expertise in 3D modeling and animation that truly gets him out of bed. Always ready for an adventure, you’ll find him tailgating at Hawkeye games, raging at music festivals or arranging a party with friends whenever and wherever possible.

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