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4 Tips for Social Media Crisis Management

POSTED BY Alicia Anderson - 08.28.14 - social media

Not everything in the world of social media is happy thumbs up and stars. One bad comment or review can start a landslide of negative responses on your page and you have to be prepared to handle a social media crisis. We all love the virality of social media when our video or promotion is shared and reaches thousands of people, but what about when that audience starts to turn on your brand?

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5 Emmy Nominations – But We Won’t Let it Go to Our Head

POSTED BY Michael Zydzik - 08.20.14 - creative, #winning

When it comes to developing creative it’s not about how pretty it is (I actually hate the word pretty – it doesn’t mean anything) or how cool you’re trying to be – if you have to say you’re cool, you’re not.  

No, effective creative starts in a more analytical and less visual place - identifying, understanding, predicting and, most importantly, transforming human behavior. And to take that a step further, those who produce great creative on a consistent basis have the ability to empathize with audience segments on an intuitive level.

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3 Ways A Marketing Agency Can Partner With Your Content Team

POSTED BY Joe Matar - 08.19.14 - content marketing

Content marketing is hot. And I don’t think I need to spend any time in this blog post telling you how hot it is. If you still need some convincing about how valuable content marketing can be for your business, check out this blog post on the benefits of content marketing for businesses.

But for those businesses that are already doing content marketing and want to do more or for those businesses that are thinking about doing so but are unsure if partnering with a digital marketing agency is the right step, continue on.

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How To Perform Keyword Research For Your Content Marketing Strategy

POSTED BY Regina Gilloon-Meyer - 08.14.14 - content marketing

A colleague from a related discipline approached me the other day, excited that she had completed her first blog post. She wanted to know what keyword she should use before she published the post. You know, from “the keyword list”. (My inner content marketer indulged in a deep sigh and a tiny eye roll.) When my eyelid stopped twitching, I started asking her all the questions she should have been asking herself before she wrote her blog post.

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An Internet Dependent World Could Make or Break Your Business

POSTED BY Rachel Kruse - 08.07.14 - seo

So you ask – Does my business need a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) campaign?

Does your building need a sign that is recognizable or an outlet for ecommerce if you’re selling online? Absolutely – and SEO is at least as important!

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