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Best Practices for Facebook Cover Photos

POSTED BY Stacey Stefani - 07.28.14 - social media

You could compare the cover photo on Facebook to your sign on your building. It’s one of the first things that a potential customer will notice and probably one of the easiest ways for current customers to recognize you.

One of the first things a user will see when they come to your Facebook page is your cover photo.

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Measuring Social Media Success: Quality vs. Quantity

POSTED BY Alicia Anderson - 07.24.14 - social media

One of the most common objections to social media marketing is how can it be measured? As a social media marketer, I am asked to answer this question on a daily basis. There are many social media measurement tools available and endless updates to the insights and analytics provided by Facebook and Twitter, but these are just graphs and numbers unless you know what contributes to your business’ ROI.

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Local SEO – Online Local Directories: Diaries of a Googler

POSTED BY Margaret M. Whitson - 07.21.14 - seo

We hear this all the time, “Why should I care about online directories like Yelp, Foursquare and Merchants Circle? I don’t use them when I search online.” It's true, the majority of people DON’T use these directories to perform an online search – they use a search engine. So if that’s true,why are local Business Directories and Online Listings (like Yelp, Foursquare, Merchant Circle, etc.) important to your business?

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The Art of Storytelling: Never Burn A Clown

POSTED BY George Curtis - 07.17.14 - branding, creative

I wanted to talk a little bit about what it means to be a Creative Producer, but I’ve never written a blog before. I’ve always heard ‘lead with a joke.’ Okay; but this is a true story, so the joke’s on me.

Back in my college days, I’d always have to hike back from the library to my dorm, passing a funky, graffiti-filled alley that looked like a cross between skateboarder paradise and an art school cautionary tale. The most prominent bit of spray paint artwork was a simple phase: “NEVER BURN A CLOWN.”

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Why hiring an intern to manage your social media marketing is risky

POSTED BY Stacey Stefani - 07.16.14 - social media

For some businesses, social media marketing tends to be an afterthought or a resource issue. When a business realizes they haven’t fully executed on a social media marketing plan or they aren’t having much success with their current strategy, or worse, they don’t have one at all, it is appealing to let that eager intern searching for experience work on your social media marketing plan. While internships provide great value for students and often provide a new perspective on some of your processes and projects, it’s not always a good idea for your brand to hand over social media marketing to an intern.


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